In 2016, Regen published a thought leading report Energy Storage – Towards a Commercial Model which coincided with a marked uplift in energy storage projects targeting higher value network and balancing services. As this “first wave” of projects moves from development to financial close and deployment, questions remain over the potential scale of the storage market and the critical role that storage could play in the UK’s future energy system.

This year, partnering with Green Hedge, TLT LLP, Triodos Bank and Vattenfall, Regen is developing a new insight paper which will look at the latest developments in the storage market and assess the near term viability of the “next wave” of storage projects co-located and optimised with generation assets and high energy demand customers.

The paper will be looking at:

  • Current state of the storage market and the pipeline of projects in development
  • Opportunity and viability of co-location projects
  • Impact of recent policy changes affecting network charging
  • Technology innovation and anticipated cost reduction
  • The dynamic of ‘behind the meter’ energy users in the co-location model
  • Legal, planning and commercial complexities of collocated assets
  • The impact and significance of regulation and future government policies

We will be engaging with the wider storage sector across the summer to inform the paper.

Led by: Ray Arrell – Senior Project Manager



Image credit: BSR