Location: Colliton Club, Dorchester

Date: Wednesday 7 February 18:00 – 21:00

This event included a workshop to plan and discuss the next steps for a community energy network in Dorset, we heard about Dorset County Councils plans and funding to support more clean energy, and learnt about how much more renewable energy has been generated in Dorset in the past year.

Agenda can be viewed here

Presentations from the evening:

The Dorset Peer Power project was designed to help people in communities to learn, share ideas and build a new network.

This event was the last in the series of Peer Power events which has included:

  • March 2017: Dorset Renewables Grand tour
  • April 2017: Smart Energy Marketplace
  • June 2017: Powering Dorset Together
  • Sept 2017: Dorset Community Energy Feast
  • Nov 2017: Arts and Energy Event
  • Nov 2017: Entrepreneurial Women in Renewable Energy
  • Nov 2017: Renewable Futures and Green Energy Awards

The event was full of exciting discussion, networking opportunities, and fuelled by tasty nibbles and wine.


Booking for this event has now closed.