Naked Solar Ltd
Naked Solar has installed more than 170 solar PV projects in the past 12 months and have shown clear commitment to their customers, dedicating time to re-educating them on the benefits of solar PV and helping them weather the storm imposed by the reduction of the Feed-In-Tariff.
Solar South West 
Over the past 8 years, Solar South West have become experts in installing, maintaining and optimising solar power technologies, providing complete design, installation and O&M services for a range of sustainable solutions. Since January 2017, they have installed approximately 350,000 kWp of solar PV, and 13.5 kWh of storage capacity, generating 315,000 kWh and savings of 165,000 kg of CO2 a year.

In the past 12 months, MyPower installed 11 roof mounted solar PV systems totalling 583 kW, with their most prestigious installation being a project to install 150 PV panels onto Gloucester Cathedral, a 1000-year-old Grade one listed building.  The panels generate 27,500 kWh of electricity/ year saving £190,000 over 25 years and 16 tonnes of CO2 a year.
Forest Fuels
Forest fuels has the desire to help the biomass industry compete against fossil fuels and has continued its dramatic growth as a company. Year-on-year, Forest Fuels has saved more than 29 million kg of CO2 and supplied more than 167 million kWh of renewable heat. With such dedication, their customer base has grown from 2,400 to 3,500 within the year.

SunGift Energy
In the past 12 months SunGift has maintained and improved high standards of workmanship, research, design, integration and installation, and as a result has seen growth across the business. SunGift has continually responded to technology improvements and policy changes, focussing development time on integrating battery storage technologies and LED lighting into installations.