Ray Arrell, senior project manager - storage and grid

Ray’s main focus is to continue Regen’s work and understanding around energy storage and the evolution of the UK’s electricity network and system.Read more

Tamar Bourne, senior manager - smart energy lead

Tamar leads Regen’s smart grids and local supply projects including; network innovation trials, providing advice on innovative local supply options and exploring smart grid solutions.Read more

Amy Brimmicombe, analyst

Amy is an analyst at Regen delivering a range of technical support services. Responsibilities include developing Regen’s GIS capabilities, data analysis and baseline low carbon deployment studies, as well as other advisory services support.Read more

Jobe Bryer, intern

Jobe is currently doing an internship with Regen to gain experience and knowledge of the energy sector.Read more

Tim Crook, head of technical services

Tim is a mechanical engineer with a broad range of experience in onshore heat consultancy, offshore marine renewables, building services and in the defence industries.Read more

Olly Frankland, project manager - heat and built environment lead

Olly manages a number of projects and has developed specialism electric vehicles, community energy domestic energy storage and microgeneration.Read more

Jodie Giles, senior manager - community energy lead

Jodie is a senior project manager responsible for the delivery of Regen’s community energy support programme. Jodie engages with communities, developers and the wider renewable energy industry to support communities in the development of sustainable energy projects.Read more

Johnny Gowdy, commercial director

Johnny is a director of Regen and leads the development of our commercial projects. Johnny is a Philosophy, Politics and Economics graduate from The Queen’s College Oxford. He comes from a commercial background in supply chain management, energy, oil and gasRead more

Kerry Hayes, events, projects and external affairs manager

Kerry is the events, projects and external affairs manager at Regen as well as working as the sector lead in marine energy.Read more

Rachel Hayes, head of networks and development

Rachel leads Regen’s membership services and events programme, as well as the organisation’s marketing and communications.Read more

Mark Howard, business support manager (ZEBCat)

Mark has recently joined the team at Regen to work full-time on the ZEBCat project, which is a Devon-based trial of the EnergieSprong concept.Read more

Ian Hutchcroft

Ian is a strategic Programme Director and senior Sustainability Consultant with over 25 years’ experience of developing, financing and delivering sustainable development strategies and programmes in the public, private and third sectors.Read more

Merlin Hyman, chief executive

Merlin leads Regen’s mission to transform how we generate, supply and use energy. Merlin is a passionate advocate of a smart, decentralised, low carbon energy system based on renewable energy. Merlin writes and presents extensively on Regen’s pioneering work.Read more

Katrina Jackson, professional development manager

Joining Regen in September 2011 Katrina has become the central part of Regen’s team ensuring the office is the heart of the organisation and creates an effective and positive working environment.Read more

Poppy Maltby, senior project manager

Poppy is a Senior Project Manager at Regen working on future scenarios and energy policy. She joined Regen in August 2017 from EDF Energy having worked for 7 years in sustainability strategy and policy.Read more

Donna Marlow, finance controller

Donna makes sure Regen’s accounts are in order and manages project finances. She provides support for and works closely with the team to ensure maximum project delivery can be achieved using the financial controls as a basis.Read more

Frankie Mayo, energy analyst

Frankie is an energy analyst at Regen, who joined in 2017. He works as a part of the team on national projects and scenarios studies, as well as other advisory services support.Read more

Hannah Stanley, events membership and communications

Hannah recently joined Regen’s events, membership and communication team to help keep our members informed with the latest market insight and events.Read more

Joel Venn, senior analyst

Joel is a senior analyst at Regen, responsible for managing and delivering our future energy scenarios projects and other technical advisory services.Read more

Hazel Williams, head analyst and local authority lead

Hazel heads up our analyst team, leading on our data and analysis capability, overseeing and authoring reports and communications based on the technical data produced by the team, in language that can be understood by non-specialists.Read more