The mission led company represents a growing movement for change where individuals are making their money make a difference. By investing in sustainable energy, investors see financial, environmental and social benefits and have the opportunity to make more of a direct impact as part of a growing community, rather than acting alone.

THRIVE investors see long-term impact, year on year, through growth in the portfolio resulting in the generation of more kilowatt-hours of renewable electricity. The average shareholding saved 12.8 tonnes of CO2e emissions in 2016.

“As an investor, my motivation is that I want to make my money work to generate kilowatt hours and investing in renewable energy companies seems to be the most efficient way of doing this and that’s why I invest. Investing in renewables is a really important thing to do if you’re trying to make a personal difference to the way the world works.” Said Peter Jackson, an advocate and long-term shareholder.

Renewable energy generated a record amount of electricity in the first three months of this year, making up more than 26 per cent of the total produced in the UK, according to new government figures.

“The growth in the contribution of renewable electricity has meant that on 10 May 2016 the UK used no coal to generate electricity, the first day of its kind since 1882.  On the 07 June 2017 more than 50% of the UK’s electricity was generated by renewable projects, a situation which we’ll see more of in the future, as renewables contribution to cleaning up the UK’s electricity system grows.  Thrive allows individuals to invest directly into renewable energy projects and take part in this energy transition.” Said Matthew Clayton, MD of Thrive Renewables.

The combination of clean energy generated, coupled by the long-term returns, are key drivers to investment. Margaret Hayday, also a long-term investor said: “It’s the fact that we can actually participate in something, be connected with, and follow it along with time and appreciate what’s going on.”

As well as individuals, the company attracts Foundations, Trusts and Institutions as it reflects the values based investment that it’s investors are often looking for. Danielle Walker Palmour, Director of Friends Provident Foundation said:

“Thrive Renewables energy bond allowed us to invest in a way that aligns with our mission while also providing a good return on investment for the foundation. Investment opportunities like this are an obvious solution for mission-driven organisations looking to manage their assets in a way that aligns with their values.”

Not only is there the environmental impact, but a community one as well. The company invests in a community benefit programme that provides energy saving initiatives to local amenities, such as village halls, close to its wind farm and hydro sites. In 2016 in addition to making community spaces more comfortable, 10.13 tonnes of CO2e saved by the community programme. John Kerr of the Bridge of Orchy Village Hall received £4,000 which paid for roof and floor insulation said: "There can be no doubt that we have achieved something remarkable that will change the quality of life for a ‘very rural’ community."

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Author: Rachel Glendinning, Communications Manager