Introducing Pure Planet

Pure Planet is an exciting, new renewable energy company, which brings you the best value for money on 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon-offset natural gas.

Green for less than brown

Join Pure Planet, and fill your home with fresh, clean energy. Save over £250 a year*.  Only 100% renewable electricity. Only 100% carbon offset natural gas.

There’s one tariff for all - we keep all members on our best rate. Always.

£10 a month membership fee for each fuel. All your energy passed across at the price we pay. No markup.

There’s no exit fee either. You’re free to leave anytime.

It’s sustainable and smart.

You win. The planet wins.

All digital

It’s app only, putting energy at your fingertips. There’s no paper. No wasting time hanging on the phone. Get help from WattBot – our AI genius – or drop into our Community of supportive members.

It’s energy made easy. Energy that saves you money; energy that's good for the planet; energy that cuts your carbon footprint.

Download the app. Switch and save in under 60 seconds. It really is that fast.

No need to contact your old supplier. No one needs visit your home. The lights always stay on. And be sure to tell your friends!

* Calculated using Ofgem average household usage figures and UK’s Big 6 providers standard variable rate tariff as at 10/06/2017.